As I'm sure many have noticed, the Devourment forum has been unavailable now since 11AM CST on January 1, 2015. On January 1, 2015 around 11:07am CST, my smartphone notified me that the forum was down. I immediately looked into it and discovered that the server, a virtual server service that I pay for, was destroyed by the company that hosts it. I opened a support ticket to see what had happened and if it could be restored. They eventually they got back to me stating that it could not be restored.

Back in July 2014, I moved the forum from one of my physical servers to this virtual server with the plan to get rid of my physical servers to save on maintainence, physical space, noise, and electrical costs. I had been making backups of the forum and saving those backups on my physical servers. In October 2014, I moved all other remaining web sites that I host to the virtual server service. I kept my physical servers for a couple more months just in case I needed them. Then toward the end of December 2014, an opportunity presented itself to get rid of my physical servers, but there was no time to get a recent backup done prior. This was a fatal mistake.

Literally days later, before I was able to get a recent backup, and really the only backup now, everything was lost when my virtual server was destroyed. The Devourment Forum isn't the only web site that suffered a data loss, but it was the only one that suffered a total loss of data.

Anyways, I wanted to give those that frequent the forum a detailed explanation as to what happened to the forum. I have no plans to build up a new forum. So if there is anyone that is interested in getting some sort of Devourment Forum back up and running, I still have the domain which I will transfer to whoever needs it. All I ask is that you get the new forum all set up and running and send a link to it to - I don't want to transfer it to just anyone. So I'll need proof of existence before I transfer the domain.